What Should You Score In The ASVAB Test

What should you score in the ASVAB test?

The ASVAB test is a very important test especially for those people who want to recruit to join the military service in the United States. This may include the Navy, the Army, the Marine Corps or even the Air force. The test which is normally in multiple choices form is normally divided into different subtests -that are 8 in total. The main reason of these sub-tests is so that they can be able to test the weaknesses as well as the strengths of all the individuals. For you to be considered to have passed, your ASVAB score is going to be determined and then they are going to check if the potential enlistee either has a GED or has graduated from high school. There are also certain ASVAB scores that the enlistee has to pass with in each of the subtests for them to be considered to be eligible in obtaining the job of service that they may be interested in.

* The Army
For you to be able to join the army, they may only accept you if you are either a GED holder or you have graduated from high school. Also, you need to have a minimum military tests ASVAB score of 31 for them to take you. However, in most of the practices those who have scored 50 or even higher in their ASVAB are the ones who are normally taken.
* The Air Force
Here, the force accepts graduates who have a minimum score of 36 in their ASVAB test. However, more than 70% how to pass asvab of these students tend to also a higher score of 50 and there are those who go even higher than this.
* The Coast guard
The same applies to joining the Coast guard since they also accept students who have graduated from high school. The minimum entry for your ASVAB score for you to be able to enter this service is usually 50. However, if the person who has been enlisted ends up have some desirable skills or ends up scoring very high in the sub section tests, then a waiver may be granted for such and enlistee and they may go for a score of 36.

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