Kim Kardashian: Hollywood- Features and Facts


The fact is that Glu games developers are best in the mobile game industry. In the year 2014 Glu games released Kim Kardashian Hollywood game with Kim Kardashian herself. Kim Kardashian Hollywood is the best role-playing game in the current era of gaming. In the game, players create their own imaginary characters and raise them to be a celebrity. The game required a huge amount of currencies and energy which can be obtained by completing missions and Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack 2020 to get unlimited resource.


In the game, players can try so many features in the game; all these features are realistic and inspired by Kim Kardashian herself. From dressing to dating, players can try everything in the game, and it will help to grow the experience level of the character. These featured listing are below –

  • Characters – The characters are an important part of the game. There are several types of character in the game, and every character is different from other characters.
  • Goals – To finish the game, every player needs to finish their goals in the game to reach a higher level of becoming a celebrity.
  • Businesses – After earning money and become famous players can open a variety of business-related to fashion.
  • Homes – A player can purchase multiple houses in the game with the help of enough currencies and also they can try Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack to get unlimited amount of currency.  
  • Currency – In the game, cash and stars are the main currency. Stars are hard to get, but cash currency is normal.